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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Jul 31 14:32:14 BST 2006

Le lundi 31 juillet 2006 à 11:15 +0100, Matthew East a écrit :

> That may be true, but in my case it isn't, because many of my photos
> don't have timestamps (some do, some don't). Equally, I know that many
> people don't set the time on their camera so get erroneous timestamps.

Maybe we should teach those users than setting the time on their camera
is something they want to do then? Note than f-spot allow you to set a
timestamp to a photo or a selection of photos easily

> I'm confident that sorting photos by directory is a common use case. And
> f-spot does have an "Arrange by folder" functionality, it is just very
> basic at the moment.

So let's work to make it better. Edgy is not dapper, that's the right
cycle to try new cool applications and technologies, f-spot is probably
one good example of them


Sebastien Bacher

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