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Sun Jul 30 20:06:04 BST 2006

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Adam Conrad wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 12:10:35AM -0400, Patrick McFarland wrote:
>>> Yuck, why do we need Tomboy then? I'm completely against letting Mono into
>>> Ubuntu.
>> Without offering any rationale, I'm not sure what reaction you expect from
>> such a sentiment.
> While I couldn't care less about mono being in -desktop (and I suspect
> it would end up there eventually anyway), I also can't actually see the
> point in having tomboy in the default install.  It's not the sort of
> application any "typical desktop user" would need.

TBH I've had tomboy installed a while, I wanted to see what a mono
application does.  I quickly found it useless; it's survived being
upgraded through but hasn't found any use.

> No one I know outside of nerd circles even knows what a wiki is, let
> alone a WikiWord, or why they'd want to use such things to tie random
> notes together on their desktop.  Most "normal desktop users" who want
> notes on their desktop would probably be much better served by the GNOME
> Sticky Notes applet, which is far less nerdy and cool in nature, but
> also much simpler to grok (and happens to already be in the default
> install).

Technicality, but yes we have sticky notes.  I don't use those either.

> The few people who really think this is an awesomely neat and cool idea
> probably also fall into the category of people who know what it is in
> the first place, and would go looking for it to install it manually.
> But, if mono's going to end up in -desktop anyway (and I'm sure,
> eventually something with broader appeal and more general use will end
> up pulling it in), tomboy's not exactly big on its own, so trying to
> argue against bloat in this case is probably pointless.
> ... Adam

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