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Steven Harms thisdyingdream at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 05:14:22 BST 2006


Glad to see you want to get involved in ubuntu development.  To view the
source code of almost any package, you can use the apt-get source
packagename command.  This will download the source for you and unpack the
file so you can see how everything works.  No special access restrictions

Also you can visit packages.ubuntu.com to find a list of software Ubuntu
offers.  As for creating a mouse application, you may want to start by
seeing if you can find friends either on #ubuntu (irc.ubuntu.com) or on
www.ubuntuforums.org.  This list is specifically for the development of
ubuntu, and you may actually find more support for your program on the
Ubuntu-users list (https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users).

If you are serious about developing you might want to give Dapper another
burn so that you can use the most recent stable libraries when building your
application(s).  If you have any further questions check the wiki out (
http://wiki.ubuntu.com) as it is a great resource!


Steven Harms

On 7/11/06, Dokuro <dario.soto at gmail.com> wrote:
> first, a big hellol to every ubuntu user, I am Dario Soto and I just
> reacently added my self to this list, i was wondering a few things, i
> know there are topics on the page to get started but i have this doubt
> as how to find the ubuntu code and how do i get acces to it AND where
> do i ask about it like i am feeling like i might work on a mouse
> aplication. and second (yeah right second) i can't find the place on
> the web page where i add a laptop to the list to try it out... and i
> kinda missed burned the ubuntu 5.10 cd, and i might try the draper
> drake!... oh well i am really interested on the mouse thing so ...
> thank you in advance (also the webpage).
> --
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