Call for testing the new dist-upgrade process

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Thu Jan 19 11:52:05 GMT 2006

Dear Friends,

to make upgrading from one ubuntu release to the next easier we have
developed a tool that does most of it automatically [1]. Some shots
are available here: 
(the final ui may change, but it should be in this spirit).

I would like to ask for testing now. If you run breezy and intend to
upgrade to dapper soon you can to do that with the new tool. But even
if you don't plan to do a upgrade you can help by runing it the tool
and checking that it calculates a sensible upgrade (just cancel when
it asks if it should continue and install the packages).

To test, please add the following line to your sources.list:
deb /
then install update-manager (it should pull in new "python-apt",
"python-vte", "libvte4" packages as well) and run it. 

Run update-manager and it should offer you to upgrade to a new
release. It will then caclculate the upgrade and display what it wants
to do. It's save to cancel here, nothing has happend yet (if you
cancel, please still report what it wanted to do). When procceeding,
it will do the upgrade and asks for removal of obsolete packages
afterwards. It writes a detailed log in ~/dist-upgrade.log and

If you test, please send me (via private mail) the files
~/dist-upgrade.log and ~/dist-upgrade-apt.log and tell me if it 
worked for you (and if not, what error message you got).


[1] The spec for the tool can be found here 
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