atmel-firmware (and bcm2303-firmware)

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Wed Jan 18 17:30:55 GMT 2006

Paul Sladen wrote:

>It is a similar case to the 'ipw2200' firmware which currently lives
>directly in 'linux-image-*';  however it differs in that the firmware is not
>a /dependancy/ of the driver;  other versions of the hardware already have
>the firmware onboard.
ipw2200's license is such that we can actually distribute it in main.  I
doubt that the bcm2303 firmware fits that description.

>Adam, can you provide some guidance on which of the following
>four would be most preferable home:
>  main/linux-image
>  restricted/bcm2303-firmware
>  restricted/linux-restricted-modules
>  multiverse/bcm2303-firmware
Assuming we can distribute it at all (can we?), we probably want it in
linux-restricted-modules, not only because that makes life a bit simpler
for the end user, but also because firmware from LRM ends up in
nic-restricted-firmware.udeb for use in the installer, which is
reasonably slick and rather handy.

... Adam

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