atmel-firmware (and bcm2303-firmware)

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Thu Jan 19 09:35:15 GMT 2006

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Adam Conrad wrote:
> ipw2200's license is such that we can actually distribute it in main.  I
> doubt that the bcm2303 firmware fits that description.

The information is have is what I stuck in the copyright file; according to:
        From: Edd Dumbill <ejad at>
        Message-id: <E17mj60-0000q8-00 at>


        (b) The binary-only firmware itself (Broadcom have approved its

Edd, do you have the original email from Broadcom (or similar) confirming
their position, I'd love to be able to include that directly if you still
have it anywhere (and are allowed to distribute it... :).

> we probably want it in linux-restricted-modules, [..] also because
> firmware from LRM ends up in nic-restricted-firmware.udeb

Okay.  Even if I'm not quite sure if Install-over-Bluetooth support in the
installer is that necessary, although I supposed it's slightly less mad that
the IP-over-Firewire support that got dropped...

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