Firefox URL Bar

Eldo Varghese poningru at
Sun Jan 8 00:06:18 GMT 2006

I am sorry but I have to disagree, simply because a majority is doing 
something poorly, does not mean you change a good behavior. You change 
the bad behavior.  Granted this is what a pragmatist would do, I think 
changing the GNOME behavior is the right thing to do.
- Eldo

Bart Vullings (OpsVentus) wrote:
> This could get annoying, but still I would like to give my point of 
> view on this.
> In my experience with explaining beginners to work with a computer, it 
> is always VERY helpful if an application does what the user expects, 
> or anticipates what the user wants to do and helps the user.
> For Firefox to select the complete URL bar when the user does a 
> single-click in it, falls in the last category, Firefox anticipates 
> that the user properly wants to type a different URL and thus wants 
> what's in there to be remove. When this happens wile I'm explaining 
> Firefox, I don't have to explain how to select the entire bar, saves 
> me explanation. And that's why I think if users try it for there 
> selves, it will go automatically right and they think: "what a 
> wonderful thing Linux"
> But when they see this behavior in Firefox, they are going to expect 
> this in all other applications. When this doesn’t happen they get 
> confused. Because they don’t know why it happens. Is it only in 
> Firefox or are there other applications, or am I clicking in a 
> different way, what is different?
> It is easier to explain/learn one(slightly more difficult) behavior 
> then it is to explain/learn two behaviors and when to use which.
> Because of this problem I say, the URL bar should act exactly the same 
> as every other application/line edit.
> And more; it is easy to select the entire text, with the manners all 
> already discussed here. People will easily find one of those themselves.
> To finish it of, my opinion on short keys/cuts/clicks. Those are mend 
> for people who know how to work with to program and want to do 
> something faster. This is not for beginners. I’ve you want them to 
> learn to use Ubuntu, give them the easiest way which works in every 
> situation.(even if it’s not the one you like/is the fastest)
> Because these users want to use the computer on there own and don’t 
> care if it takes them more time then you.(They can learn that after 
> learning the basics)
> Regards,
> Bart Vullings.
> Ps: pasting an URL in the URL-bar is something I’ve personally NEVER 
> seen a beginner do.

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