Firefox URL Bar

Bart Vullings (OpsVentus) ubuntu at
Sat Jan 7 18:16:35 GMT 2006

This could get annoying, but still I would like to give my point of view 
on this.
In my experience with explaining beginners to work with a computer, it 
is always VERY helpful if an application does what the user expects, or 
anticipates what the user wants to do and helps the user.
For Firefox to select the complete URL bar when the user does a 
single-click in it, falls in the last category, Firefox anticipates that 
the user properly wants to type a different URL and thus wants what's in 
there to be remove. When this happens wile I'm explaining Firefox, I 
don't have to explain how to select the entire bar, saves me 
explanation. And that's why I think if users try it for there selves, it 
will go automatically right and they think: "what a wonderful thing Linux"

But when they see this behavior in Firefox, they are going to expect 
this in all other applications. When this doesn’t happen they get 
confused. Because they don’t know why it happens. Is it only in Firefox 
or are there other applications, or am I clicking in a different way, 
what is different?

It is easier to explain/learn one(slightly more difficult) behavior then 
it is to explain/learn two behaviors and when to use which.

Because of this problem I say, the URL bar should act exactly the same 
as every other application/line edit.
And more; it is easy to select the entire text, with the manners all 
already discussed here. People will easily find one of those themselves.

To finish it of, my opinion on short keys/cuts/clicks. Those are mend 
for people who know how to work with to program and want to do something 
faster. This is not for beginners. I’ve you want them to learn to use 
Ubuntu, give them the easiest way which works in every situation.(even 
if it’s not the one you like/is the fastest)
Because these users want to use the computer on there own and don’t care 
if it takes them more time then you.(They can learn that after learning 
the basics)


Bart Vullings.

Ps: pasting an URL in the URL-bar is something I’ve personally NEVER 
seen a beginner do.

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