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Eldo Varghese poningru at
Sat Jan 7 08:16:11 GMT 2006

Jens Bech Madsen wrote:
> lør, 07 01 2006 kl. 02:22 -0500, skrev Eldo Varghese:
>> I have been reading this thread and have couple of opinions & observations
>> * The single click should select the entire URL.
>> * This is more efficient, as it allows a single click+typing to replace 
>> the url and single click+drag to select portion of the URL (and typing 
>> to edit the selected portion), hence only one click is needed each time.
>> *With firefox1.5 the single click select all does not overwrite the 2nd 
>> clipboard content (inorder to overwrite, one must double click the URL).
> If I want to replace part of an URL, click+drag is less efficient than
> just plain drag. And there are already plenty of other ways to select
> the whole URL (click the little button, press ctrl-l).
I dont think you tried this out before commenting. We both meant the 
same thing. click+drag means you hold down your mousebutton and drag 
then let go.
- Eldo

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