Firefox URL Bar

Jens Bech Madsen jbmadsen at
Sat Jan 7 08:07:17 GMT 2006

lør, 07 01 2006 kl. 02:22 -0500, skrev Eldo Varghese:
> I have been reading this thread and have couple of opinions & observations
> * The single click should select the entire URL.
> * This is more efficient, as it allows a single click+typing to replace 
> the url and single click+drag to select portion of the URL (and typing 
> to edit the selected portion), hence only one click is needed each time.
> *With firefox1.5 the single click select all does not overwrite the 2nd 
> clipboard content (inorder to overwrite, one must double click the URL).

If I want to replace part of an URL, click+drag is less efficient than
just plain drag. And there are already plenty of other ways to select
the whole URL (click the little button, press ctrl-l).

The only time it is more efficient is if you want to use the mouse to
select the URL and then replace the address. In all other cases it is
less efficient.


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