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Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at
Thu Jan 5 20:03:48 GMT 2006

Florian Zeitz wrote:

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>Lukas Sabota schrieb:
>>That's not the point I was trying to make.  Everyone can easily figure
>>out how to select the text.  But why not stay consistant with other
>>operating systems?  Firefox of mac and windows single click to select
>>the URLbar and so does IE.  It's more productive, because that's what
>>your doing most of the time.  This isn't about people understand the
>>program, Firefox is a simple program that I recommend to
>So why not stay consistent with all other edit boxes? From an UI point
>of view it will probably confuse users if an edit box in firefox behaves
>differently from one in another application. I don't really see that a
>single aditional click (takes me maybe quarter second, I don't know
>about new users, but it's not difficult or something) makes an operation
>unefficient or less productive. If you want you are free to click the
>icon in the URL bar, that is a one click operation, too.
>I'd be good if you could elaborate why you think this is so much more
I was completely unaware of this behavior of icon-clicking select-all 
behavior.  I understand your point of the UI consistency, I wasn't 
really thinking of how a single-click select all would diverge from the 
rest of the Operating System.  The os's interface should be consistent 
by default.

God bless,

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