Firefox URL Bar

Wouter Stomp wouterstomp at
Thu Jan 5 23:05:21 GMT 2006

On 1/5/06, Lukas Sabota <punkrockguy318 at> wrote:

> I was completely unaware of this behavior of icon-clicking select-all
> behavior.  I understand your point of the UI consistency, I wasn't
> really thinking of how a single-click select all would diverge from the
> rest of the Operating System.  The os's interface should be consistent
> by default.

Firefox itself is even inconsistent with itself right now. When
arriving at the url bar by pressing tab, the whole url is selected as
opposed to when arriving there using the mouse. Furthermore, clicking
on the little icon in the url bar selects the whole url, while
clicking on the icon in the search field brings down a drop down menu
(didn't the icon in the url bar do the same thing in earlier

Also, the tooltip to the small icon says: "Drag and drop this icon to
create a link to this page", not "select the whole url".


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