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Thu Jan 5 12:42:18 GMT 2006

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Lukas Sabota schrieb:
> That's not the point I was trying to make.  Everyone can easily figure
> out how to select the text.  But why not stay consistant with other
> operating systems?  Firefox of mac and windows single click to select
> the URLbar and so does IE.  It's more productive, because that's what
> your doing most of the time.  This isn't about people understand the
> program, Firefox is a simple program that I recommend to
> computer-illiterates.
So why not stay consistent with all other edit boxes? From an UI point
of view it will probably confuse users if an edit box in firefox behaves
differently from one in another application. I don't really see that a
single aditional click (takes me maybe quarter second, I don't know
about new users, but it's not difficult or something) makes an operation
unefficient or less productive. If you want you are free to click the
icon in the URL bar, that is a one click operation, too.
I'd be good if you could elaborate why you think this is so much more

> God bless,
> Lukas
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