outdated nvidia drivers in the repository are a serious problem

Pascal Potvin pascal.potvin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 02:25:04 GMT 2006

I think we're losing the idea. The real objective is to give people
the opportunity of using their new hardware, easily. I think the easy
way of solving this is by giving a .deb that contains the new drivers.
There is no disadvantages in giving a choice. It's just like the
back-ports, but it's for hardware. Then, we can send to nvidia the new
drivers for Ubuntu Breezy. This will give us much more credibility
than anything else.

Here's the diff file of the conversation you will have w/ your wealthy friend :
"Friend : Hey, I just bought the new MSI GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB, the
most powerful gaming video card know to this date, but Ubuntu can't
seem to configure it properly, what do I do ?"

- "You : Man, it doesn't work, get some lovin' with the nvidia driver
source, or get out."
+ "You : Ah well, the drivers are on nvidia's website, just like with
any other OS"
See, I think we have to work <important>with</important> the world,
not just creating our own.


Pascal Potvin

2006/1/4, HC Brugmans <hcbrugmans at gmail.com>:
> João Pinto wrote:
> > I understand the concerns about the platform stability but according to
> > that policy Ubuntu is hypothetically unsupported for all the hardware
> > that gets available after the current ubuntu release and for which a
> > kernel driver update maybe required.
> <snip>
> The point here is "are we willing to risk stability for users that trust
> us to provide a stable / certifiable platform, in order to support new
> hardware?"
> I would have to awnser that with a solid no personally.
> The vast majority of users will use supported hardware, for those that
> don't, we can provide documentation on how to get their systems to work,
> but we shouldn't risk upsetting existing users for this.
> If we started updating a stable release, we would lose the stability and
> our platform would become a moving target. That would make it very hard
> if not impossible to maintain credibility with users and businesses.
> -Hidde Brugmans
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