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Lakin Wecker lakin.wecker at
Wed Jan 4 03:15:14 GMT 2006

I agree with Lukas, the default behavior should be to select the entire
address when the address bar is clicked on.

I also see nix4me's point.  I think it's important to note that, from my
understanding, there are two clipboard's in gnome:  the first is when you
highlight text, which I believe Xorg is responsible for, the second is when
you use CTRL+{c|x}(Edit->Cut/Paste) which I believe gnome is responsible
for.    A potential solution is to let a middle click on the address bar to
replace the current address with the address in the Xorg clipboard.  While,
a left-click would select the entire address which would allow people to use
CTRL+v to replace the address.


On 1/3/06, nix4me <nix4me at> wrote:
> Lukas Sabota wrote:
> If you single click select all, it highlights what is in the address bar
> and therefore erases what has been copied to the clipboard.
> Thats a no-go for me.
> Even though I usually just paste to a empty spot on the page with the
> middle mouse.
> nix4me
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