Firefox URL Bar

Stephen Shirley diamond+ubuntu-devel at
Wed Jan 4 03:05:32 GMT 2006

Lukas Sabota wrote:
> less than right clicking, and then going to select all.  A click saved
> for something your doing ALL the time is worth it.  This is the behavior
> of the Windows version of firefox, and IE.

Fwiw, i frequently want to edit the url that's in the location bar, for
example google has send me to , and having
read that i want to have a look at the front page but there's not
immediately obvious link. The behaviour on windows of IE and firefox
really annoys me. I tend to use the keyboard a lot though and will
almost always use ctrl-l for those cases where i want to paste in a new
url as that does the select-all anyway. The ctrl-l -> select-all case is
more justifable because if you're using a keyboard to focus the location
box anyway hitting end or home to de-select isn't much of a hassle.


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