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Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at
Wed Jan 4 02:56:43 GMT 2006

nix4me wrote:

> Lukas Sabota wrote:
>> I've been annoyed with one aspect of Mozilla-Firefox lately, in all 
>> releases.
>> Is there ever a time when you single click in the URL bar and you 
>> want to do something other than select the entire URL?  Why not 
>> select the entire URL box whenever you click on it?  It's rather 
>> annoying when pasting URLs to have to select/double click the entire 
>> box to erase it.  I have filed a bug in Ubuntu here:
>> and here:
>> Ian Jackson suggested that I start a discussion on this mailing 
>> list.  What do you all think about this idea?  Do you agree with the 
>> single-click select all?  Post your opinion.
>> God bless,
>> Lukas
> If you single click select all, it highlights what is in the address bar

Yes, but why not just single-click on the address bar?  It's a click 
less than right clicking, and then going to select all.  A click saved 
for something your doing ALL the time is worth it.  This is the behavior 
of the Windows version of firefox, and IE.

> and therefore erases what has been copied to the clipboard.

I was speaking of the GNOME clipboard (Copy/Paste/Cut). 

> Thats a no-go for me.
> Even though I usually just paste to a empty spot on the page with the 
> middle mouse.
> nix4me

That's not what I'm talking about.  Most of the time you want to direct 
your browser to a diffrent page, and a single click will select all, so 
you can easily delete it, or copy it (gnome clipboard).

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