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James Livingston doclivingston at
Wed Jan 4 03:59:03 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 20:15 -0700, Lakin Wecker wrote:
> I agree with Lukas, the default behavior should be to select the
> entire address when the address bar is clicked on.  

Personally I'd find this very annoying, as I edit the URL much more
often then I replace the entire thing. Pages I want to go to are usually
either bookmarked, found on Google or links from other applications
(most of which are clickable).

I'm not an "average user", but I'm not sure how often people type urls
in. Most of the people I know don't do it, because they can't remember
them well.

More importantly this is inconsistent with other applications, as I
can't think of any GTK programs that I use where single clicking in an
entry field selects all the text.

> A potential solution is to let a middle click on the address bar to
> replace the current address with the address in the Xorg clipboard.
> While, a left-click would select the entire address which would allow
> people to use CTRL+v to replace the address.

That sounds even worse that just selecting the entire things with a
left-click, because as far as I can tell there would be *no* way to
insert text from the PRIMARY clipboard (what you call the Xorg
clipboard). Middle clicking would replace the current url, and left
click would select it, which overwrites that clipboard.


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