2c about the development of ubuntu

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini evandrofg at ig.com.br
Tue Jan 3 07:21:09 GMT 2006

Em Ter, 2006-01-03 às 07:44 +0100, Ante Karamatic escreveu:
> Take a look at netatalk, for example. I fixed one bug there for Breezy
> (3-4 months ago). That bug still isn't fixed in Debian, and probably
> will never be :)

Of course it will be, Debian syncs with Ubuntu too. Even better if the
fix was sent to the netatalk developers. :)

> > If you netcraft a server and see that is has an uptime of 400 days and an
> > apache 1.3.23 running (not actual numbers) and 1.3.33 is current don't
> > assume that this is an old apache - debian folks have probably tended to that!
> > I would rather run sarge than any ubuntu on a server.
> First of all, server with 400 days of uptime is full of holes. On the
> other hand, I don't understand your conclusion.

Not necessarilly, it's not like you have to reboot for every security
fix. But most servers are full of holes, and we don't see everyone
jumping to OpenBSD, do we? ;)


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