ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 17, Issue 8

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 00:15:54 GMT 2006

Michael Herring a écrit :

> Personally, I think that if there was a way to just /decode/ MP3, and 
> encode in something else(FLAC/Theora/etc), that would be the optimal 
> solution.
> Michael Herring

That sounds like a reasonable idea, but do keep in mind that most people 
have mp3 only portable music players. Even if they can listen to it on 
their computer, they might want to listen to it on the device they paid 
money for too.
(I ran into this problem cause even though I only use ogg and only buy 
ogg players, I'm also creating audio lessons for my students so they can 
listen to it when they do other stuff... which forces me to also create 
them in mp3 format)

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