ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 17, Issue 8

Michael Herring khakionion at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 23:58:11 GMT 2006

>Are there no precedents for this scenario?  None?  It doesn't seem like it
>should be that exotic.

Well, GNU Common LISP wasn't always Free Software, it was required to be
open sourced because it linked to GNU readline, which put it in violation of
the GPL, according to RMS. See
that's only one degree of separation.

What happened to the idea of distributing the Fluendo source code, and
compiling it at install time (or upon the users' request)? That way, no
binaries are being distributed. Personally, I think that if there was a way
to just /decode/ MP3, and encode in something else(FLAC/Theora/etc), that
would be the optimal solution.

Michael Herring
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