Multiverse and video codecs

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at
Tue Jan 3 02:16:36 GMT 2006

Wade Berrier wrote:

>Hi all,
>First of all, I've been using Ubuntu since it came out.  Job well done!!

>I was thinking of filing a bug for this but thought I'd try here first
>I noticed that the xvid packages are in the multiverse repository.  I
>assume this is because of the patent issues involved.
>But yet, ffmpeg is in universe?  If xvid is in multiverse, shouldn't
>ffmpeg be there as well because of it's mpeg4 codec (libavcodec)?
>I noticed this to begin with because the ffmpeg in breezy is built
>without xvid support.
>The only advantage I can think of why ffmpeg is in universe is because
>some other packages outside of multiverse may depend on it.
>I saw some earlier posts to the list of how ffmpeg was also built
>without mp3 support.
>Anyway, if ffmpeg was in multiverse it could be built with xvid and mp3
>support, no?
>And if it remains in universe, isn't ffmpeg as much of an mpeg4 codec as
>xvid?  Couldn't xvid be in universe as well?  (Although I think moving
>ffmpeg to multiverse is the better option).
>Thoughts?  Am I understanding the different repositories and the ffmpeg
>mpeg4 patent issue correctly?

I actually filed a bug for this earlier today in launchpad:
and I also believe some of this has been discussed here:

But alas, I have seen no action so far.  Check out and join the 
discussion and check out and comment on the bug.  My idea was instead of 
move ffmpeg completely to multiverse (as some package in universe depend 
on it), create a package ffmpeg-nonus that replaces the ffmpeg in 
universe.  For more information, check out the two links.

God Bless,

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