Dependence on Gnome's System Menu

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Wed Feb 22 21:29:38 GMT 2006

On 2/22/06, Rocco Stanzione <grasshopper at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 February 2006 14:08, George Farris wrote:
> > On Wed, 2006-22-02 at 13:54 -0600, Rocco Stanzione wrote:
> > > I tried really hard to make it clear that it's great that Gnome should
> > > have all these tools.  It makes for a nice experience for Gnome users,
> > > who probably constitute a majority of Ubuntu users.  What I'm complaining
> > > about is the habit of blowing off other, more traditional interfaces for
> > > the same task just because the Gnome interface exists.
> >
> > Sorry maybe I didn't understand.  Are these interfaces not available
> > anyway.  I see the follow in Synaptic.
> >
> > Webmin, gtklp. printconf don't much about them but they all have printer
> > config associated with them.  What are you missing?
> I'm going to take the liberty of paraphrasing your argument and suggest that
> it illustrates my point nicely: "Why do you need access to this tool that
> we've disabled, that's been around almost as long as *nix printing, when
> there are other tools of varying usefulness and reputation?"  I'm aware that
> it's possible to configure my sound and administer CUPS in Ubuntu without
> using Gnome.  I can edit config files, play around in /proc, hand-load kernel
> modules, etc.  My complaint is specifically that I would like to see tools
> that exist, that many zillions of users are probably comfortable with, be
> kept unmolested for those of us who don't use Gnome or who simply prefer
> these tools.

I really don't think this belongs on -devel, unless you have specific
solutions to these problems.

I will adress the three specific things mentioned:

1. Cups - The web service was turned off due to Ubuntu's policy on no
running servers. If you want to discuss Ubuntu's security policy,
please raise that in a new thread, with your specific objections and
how you can make Martin Pitt happy.

2. Webmin - I understand this is a bug due to Webmin not understanding
sudo. Bugs belong in LP and not on the -devel list

3. Alsaconf - Disabled due to having a terrible interface, afaik.
Please raise the specific issue in a new thread, with an action plan
on how to fix it.

As for a general policy to make this *only* work with gnome tools,
there is no such policy, again afaik and IANAD.


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