Dependence on Gnome's System Menu

Rocco Stanzione grasshopper at
Wed Feb 22 21:20:38 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 14:08, George Farris wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-22-02 at 13:54 -0600, Rocco Stanzione wrote:
> > I tried really hard to make it clear that it's great that Gnome should
> > have all these tools.  It makes for a nice experience for Gnome users,
> > who probably constitute a majority of Ubuntu users.  What I'm complaining
> > about is the habit of blowing off other, more traditional interfaces for
> > the same task just because the Gnome interface exists.
> Sorry maybe I didn't understand.  Are these interfaces not available
> anyway.  I see the follow in Synaptic.
> Webmin, gtklp. printconf don't much about them but they all have printer
> config associated with them.  What are you missing?

I'm going to take the liberty of paraphrasing your argument and suggest that 
it illustrates my point nicely: "Why do you need access to this tool that 
we've disabled, that's been around almost as long as *nix printing, when 
there are other tools of varying usefulness and reputation?"  I'm aware that 
it's possible to configure my sound and administer CUPS in Ubuntu without 
using Gnome.  I can edit config files, play around in /proc, hand-load kernel 
modules, etc.  My complaint is specifically that I would like to see tools 
that exist, that many zillions of users are probably comfortable with, be 
kept unmolested for those of us who don't use Gnome or who simply prefer 
these tools.

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