Call for installer developers

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Mon Dec 11 10:53:04 GMT 2006


I've been maintaining the Ubuntu installer (d-i and later also ubiquity)
for a couple of years now, largely solo although with able help in
places from Fabio, Tollef, Jonathan, and others. It's getting to the
point where it's not going to be sustainable for me to keep on doing all
of this myself, although I certainly intend to continue in a lead rôle
and being responsible for the general architecture. I'm looking for
people with an interest in the installer to help out. You don't have to
have a grasp of the whole of the Ubuntu installer as it stands at the
moment; it's fairly modular, so it should be possible to dive into a
specific area without worrying too much about the rest of it.

I've written to act as an
initial guide. At the moment it's largely administrivia (which is not
entirely a bad thing; stuff like installer revision control wasn't
documented anywhere except the inside of my head before) to help people
get started. Let me know what else is needed.

There's now an ubuntu-installer mailing list, where replies to this post
should probably go, and (though unannounced) there's been a
#ubuntu-installer IRC channel for a while. I look forward to seeing you


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]

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