Xen for Human Beings

Tom Hibbert tom.ubuntu at thoughtcrime.org.nz
Thu Apr 27 00:07:44 BST 2006

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> I looked into your packages some time ago, and noticed that they are
> heavily based on the xen-3.0 source package, which finally entered
> debian unstable. The only changed needed so far was the location of the
> udev script, but else the package was working fine for me. I'd support
> inclusion of a xen-3.0 package in dapper/universe, requiring users to
> run custom kernels. It's universe, after all. 

Thats the way I'd like to see it go - working with the Debian xen

>> Building the xenlinux kernel should perhaps be left up to the user. i
>> have some notes that will be wikified probably later today.
> Care to tell us the URL to the wiki page?

Sure. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenVirtualMachine/XenOnUbuntuDapper

Note that due to 40088 still not being merged that this isnt the Right Way.

>> Xenlinux kernels built against ubuntu kernels do boot, albeit with less
>> hardware support then the standard kernel.
>> I havent begun to explore the Ubuntu specific patch sets.
>> I would like to work closely with the kernel team to build a usable kernel
>> that works on a wide range of systems including workstations, so it can
>> be used to test bleeding edge Ubuntu development
>> without having to sacrifice the stability of your workstation.
> This would be really  nice, but this is really a edgy thing. Don't
> expect this to enter dapper.


>> I tried to edit the xen kernels and Xen and NX integration specs on
>> launchpad, but apparently i dont have permission to do so. What do I
>> need to do to be able to edit these?
> launchpad specific question are more likely to be answered on the
> launchpad-users mailing list. Please reask there.

Sorted now. I've drafted the spec for xen-enabled-kernel, you may read
it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenEnabledKernel

> Where can I learn more about the xenubuntu project? Do you have a
> Project page or something?

Not yet although I have added it to blueprint. I dont think it would
take me very long to do either, just need to get the time to do it.



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