Xen for Human Beings

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Wed Apr 26 14:40:32 BST 2006

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 12:24:08PM +1200, Tom Hibbert wrote:
> My packages are built from the Debian repository with really very little
> changes.

I looked into your packages some time ago, and noticed that they are
heavily based on the xen-3.0 source package, which finally entered
debian unstable. The only changed needed so far was the location of the
udev script, but else the package was working fine for me. I'd support
inclusion of a xen-3.0 package in dapper/universe, requiring users to
run custom kernels. It's universe, after all. 

> Building the xenlinux kernel should perhaps be left up to the user. i
> have some notes that will be wikified probably later today.

Care to tell us the URL to the wiki page?

> Xenlinux kernels built against ubuntu kernels do boot, albeit with less
> hardware support then the standard kernel.
> I havent begun to explore the Ubuntu specific patch sets.
> I would like to work closely with the kernel team to build a usable kernel
> that works on a wide range of systems including workstations, so it can
> be used to test bleeding edge Ubuntu development
> without having to sacrifice the stability of your workstation.

This would be really  nice, but this is really a edgy thing. Don't
expect this to enter dapper.

> The Xenubuntu project
> ---------------------
> The Xenubuntu project would begin by remastering the lightweight xubuntu
> livecd into a liveDVD containing casper images of all the *buntus,
> as well as state files of them fully booted up (~256mb ram, if
> practical), that boots into a GUI that can connect via
> VNC/xDMCP/FreeNX/fooprotocol to the guest and displays it in full screen.
> >From there we can find more fun stuff to do with Xen and Ubuntu.
> I tried to edit the xen kernels and Xen and NX integration specs on
> launchpad, but apparently i dont have permission to do so. What do I
> need to do to be able to edit these?

launchpad specific question are more likely to be answered on the
launchpad-users mailing list. Please reask there.

Where can I learn more about the xenubuntu project? Do you have a
Project page or something?


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