RFC for a branding gui tool

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 21 14:01:10 BST 2006


due to my work with edubuntu and its derivative status i very often have
to fiddle with the artwork stuff to get the branding right, its a very
time consuming procedure to go through all the settings, getting them
right and have a consistent branding through the -artwork package in the

for edgy eft i'd like to start creating a tool that just picks up the
current settings used (starting with distributor logo over wallpaper,
gtk themes, metacity themes, gdm etc) and creates an artwork
metapackage. i imagine a little gui with checkboxes for all the branding
options, where you can select the parts you want branded, you click on
"create package" and it builds an artwork metapackage for you, you can
add to your customized CD image.

before i create a spec for that (rather eft+1 stuff, but the development
should start in eft) i'd like to hear some feedback about the idea.

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