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Patrick McFarland diablod3 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 00:38:30 BST 2006

On Monday 17 April 2006 19:25, Peter Whittaker wrote:
> Something very true, but he's probably going to get flamed for it anyhow.

Needless to say, I totally agree. I'm not bitching that HP printer stuff is 
installed, I'm just bitching it wastes precious memory. It takes upwards of 
around 12 megs of memory. and for low memory platforms (ie, 256 and under), 
thats a big kick in the pants.

The HP daemon should automatically turn on and off when, say, HAL says a HP 
printer is connected... or even just if an application is using the printer. 

I see this as a critical bug.

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