SMFication Project registered + proposal

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Fri Apr 14 11:11:15 BST 2006

Sebastien Estienne wrote:
> you suggest reimplementing it from scratch but making it look like
> exactly the same, so the documentations of the original SMF still
> apply, and also SMF scripts still works, or just keep the concept and
> write a similar tool?

Either would work, but I think compelling arguments would need to be 
presented for each deviation from the SMF design, as SMF in its current 
incarnation works rather well.

> fedora has this wiki about this topic:

We've discussed a number of these before in the context of Ubuntu, and 
many of them (like init-ng) are non-solutions that don't address the 
underlying problems of SysV-style service management.

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