Firefox right-click disabled

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Thu Apr 13 01:54:54 BST 2006

On 4/12/06, James Hall <rio at> wrote:
> Hey,
> I am very concerned about the fix for bug #23632 [1]. The bug that was
> "fixed" is a very useful Javascript feature. There are many reasons a
> web developer may want to capture right-clicks. For example - I recently
> developed a simple file manager for me and my clients to share files. I
> wrote a context menu to rename and delete files (just like in a standard
> desktop UI). This fix breaks my application for no good reason - other
> than the potential misuse by other site owners. A good developer will
> allow right clicks everywhere on the page except those parts which
> require context menus (or other useful features).
> If users find that they need to use right-click because a website owner
> has used the feature inappropriately, they can simply install an
> extension [2]. Also - any feature not specific to Firefox on Ubuntu
> needs to be accepted upstream.
> Comments?
> James.

I filed the original bug report, so I will respond. There is no easy
solution to this problem, as disalbing is used maliciously more often
than not (I consider stopping me from what I want to be malicious
intent, as this is really CRAP[1]) .

I don't consider an extension is not even something I would consider
part of the solution, due to it being an optional, hard to find thing.
(A problem all plugins and extensions face).

Finally, As noted in the bug report, this is something that upstream
(Moz) needs to fix. So unless you can find a way that prevents
websites from maliciously disabling right clicks, then I don't see it
changing back. You can, of course, disable it in about:config.



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