Dapper Install on toughbook cf-51

Ray rayw at kdsi.net
Wed Apr 12 21:39:56 BST 2006

I have installed Dapper on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-51.  I ran into a 
prett serious issue, IMHO.  My toughbook has wireless built-in.  Durring 
the install the only network device it could find was wireless on eth0.  
I went into the bios and turned off the wireless all together.  On the 
next attempt it didn't find any network devices.  I installed without 
network support and then configured the network in the 
GUI...System>>Administration>>network.  This worked for me.  The Breezy 
install reconized my card flawlessly and without trouble.  Now also if I 
try to turn on DHCP my whole pc locks and i have to power cycle.  Here's 
my config

Panasonic Toughbook CF-51
Marvell Yukon Network Int.
Centrino Wireless

Like i Said the Breezy install worked out this issue with out problems.  
If you would like anymore info let me know.

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