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Recently on ubuntu-users, there was a discussion about usability issues for
new users. The original thread is located at [ ].
Through the course of the discussion, some ideas were raised, in particular,
that the Firefox startup page is somewhat lacking (see [1], [2], e.g.).

The current Firefox startup page is somewhat lacking in that it doesn't
really help new users -- it only tells them the philosophy behind Ubuntu,
which if they've gone through all the trouble of the install process,
they're sure to already be well aware of. In that respect, the Firefox
startup page seems rather redundant and useless.

Thus, I propose an overhaul of the current startup page. Rather than simply
telling the user thing about Ubuntu that he already knows, the startup page
should have, at the very least, links to frequently asked questions that new
users have, such as, "How do I play MP3s?" Of course, these questions in
particular should also include the reason why MP3s aren't playable by
default, but since users don't really care (they just want to play their
music), it would be nice to have it easy for them to quickly find out how to
get it setup without having to search Google first (if they don't already
know about the Wiki -- Yes, the current startup page references the Wiki,
but that doesn't mean that Joe User will scroll down and see it when he sees
"About Ubuntu" at the top and thinks, "I've already seen this.").

I am certainly willing to work on this, but I wanted to get the developers'
input first. Questions I have are the following:

- Most importantly, do others agree with me that a new start page would be a
good idea?
- If so, what FAQs should be included?
- I don't think the current information on the start page should be removed,
but just moved. What is the best way to organize the new page?

I have a few more questions as well, but they are mostly layout questions
that are dependent on whether or not everyone thinks that this would be a
good idea in the first place.

I appreciate your input.


P.S. Sorry if this has already been brought up -- A quick browse of the
archives didn't show anything, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss it if it

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