Etch migration

Kai Hendry hendry at
Tue Apr 4 06:13:35 BST 2006

On 2006-04-04T11:48+0800 Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> Ubuntu is not *directly* binary compatible with Debian (Etch for this
> matter) - we've already passed upstream version freeze (UVF) and its
> possible some of the binaries have been renamed or compiled
> differently to suit Ubuntu's needs for the Dapper release - hence the
> impossible situation :)

Are there any resources to read up about this binary compatibility
problem? Dapper's gcc is Version: 4:4.0.3-1. My unstable box is Version:
4:4.0.3-2. I always assumed binary compatibility breaks with "big"
releases of gcc.

And hasn't Debian dealt with binary compatibility problems before? I
always thought that I could upgrade from say "woody" to unstable without
a clean install.

This thread has something:

Perhaps if I upgraded etch to unstable? Then switched to dapper?

Btw I still don't think this is a "user" question. I'm interested in the
dev/technical side of this problem.

Best wishes,

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