What's on-topic for u-d (was: Re: OOo2-amd64)

Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Apr 1 00:34:11 BST 2006

Santiago Roza wrote:
> and yes, your message was offtopic: everything is offtopic here, since
> this is supposed to be a zero-traffic list.

The posting rules for this list really are very simple: if you're having
a problem with Ubuntu that you really want fixed, it doesn't go on this
list, it goes to the bugtracker, no matter how important your problem is
to you. If you want to *discuss* an aspect of Ubuntu or its development,
it goes on this list.

"Implement this feature! Now!" is not a discussion. Neither is, in the
general case, "why doesn't Ubuntu do <x>?", which is usually just a
restatement of the former. "<x> doesn't work for me!" doesn't work either.

"Ubuntu doesn't do <x>. Here's a pointer to the spec I just wrote on the
wiki explaining how such functionality would work, and where I described
an approach to implementing it. Thoughts?" goes on this list. So rule of
thumb: if you're expecting discussion, this is the place to post. If
you're expecting immediate action, it's not.

(Of course, there are exceptions, and these are just the general
guidelines, but if people adhered to them, the traffic on this list
would be significantly reduced.)

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