What's on-topic for u-d (was: Re: OOo2-amd64)

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Sat Apr 1 00:57:41 BST 2006

my mistake, my apologies.
Thanks again and sorry for the noise

2006/4/1, Ivan Krstic <krstic at fas.harvard.edu>:
> Santiago Roza wrote:
> > and yes, your message was offtopic: everything is offtopic here, since
> > this is supposed to be a zero-traffic list.
> The posting rules for this list really are very simple: if you're having
> a problem with Ubuntu that you really want fixed, it doesn't go on this
> list, it goes to the bugtracker, no matter how important your problem is
> to you. If you want to *discuss* an aspect of Ubuntu or its development,
> it goes on this list.
> "Implement this feature! Now!" is not a discussion. Neither is, in the
> general case, "why doesn't Ubuntu do <x>?", which is usually just a
> restatement of the former. "<x> doesn't work for me!" doesn't work either.
> "Ubuntu doesn't do <x>. Here's a pointer to the spec I just wrote on the
> wiki explaining how such functionality would work, and where I described
> an approach to implementing it. Thoughts?" goes on this list. So rule of
> thumb: if you're expecting discussion, this is the place to post. If
> you're expecting immediate action, it's not.
> (Of course, there are exceptions, and these are just the general
> guidelines, but if people adhered to them, the traffic on this list
> would be significantly reduced.)
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