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ntsiro dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Wed Sep 21 12:13:26 CDT 2005

John Richard Moser Wrote: 

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> I just put a 32 bit Hoary on my AMD64 and built myself a Xen kernel

> (2.6.10), booted it fine.


> Xen may be a potential target for Hoary+1.  It's very low maintenance,

> aside from having to actually patch a Xen kernel (a patch doesn't seem

> to be available, I had to xenify the tree usining a sparse tree).

> Supplying a Xen kernel and tools in Universe may be a target of

> opportunity.  This doesn't need to be considered until after Hoary's

> release.

> ...

John, I have been looking for a kernel patch on 2.6.10 for Xen and
can't find a thing ! any chance you could elaborate on xenifying and
using a sparce tree ? 

Many thanks



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