Third Application Integration

Josué Alcalde González josuealcalde at
Wed Sep 21 09:09:06 CDT 2005

There are applications whit a bad Gnome Integration in Ubuntu which 
could be better:

I don't understand why default dialogs are dialogs, when 
I think Gnome Dialogs are better integrated whith ubuntu (Is it a bug?)
- Firefox:
Why firefox default theme is used when a lot of Gnome themes are available?

I am using Thunderbird to send this message. I have tried Evolution. I 
was really decided to use it but I didn't like.
 A lot of Ubuntu users prefers Thunderbird to Evolution, and I think  it 
should take more attention by Ubuntu developers:
    - Be able to uninstall Evolution and replace it by Thunderbird 
(ubuntu-desktop metapackage hack)
    - New thunderbird theme for gnome ( )
    - Thunderbird-gnome-integration ( I don't know if someone is working 
in this, at least, in gnome dialogs for thunderbird)
    - Delete or  hide "Thunderbird Profile Manager" menu entry because 
it has no sense in Linux.
    - Better languaje support.
      There isn't Spanish translation package for thunderbird, so I must 
install the xpi.
      Installing the xpi is not enough, I have to hack 
"/var/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/locales.d" and add a new file.

-QT applications:
    A common theme and icons for KDE and GTK (whith two color schemes, 
blue and brown) would rock.
    Other distributions like Fedora or Suse already has a common theme.

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