gnome-bittorrent is an unsatisfactory bittorrent client

Travis Watkins alleykat at
Thu Sep 15 11:58:05 CDT 2005

On 9/15/05, alex.v at <alex.v at> wrote:
> Gnome-bittorent may not have as many features as other clients, but it's small,
> functional, and easy to use. One of the nice things about Ubuntu is that it
> doesn't come with half a dozen install CDs. If we want to keep bloat to a
> minimum, we can't include everything a user will ever need out-of the-box. The
> idea should be to provide a good assortment of useful desktop applications and
> let users add to that as they see fit.
> I think gnome-bittorent fits this nitch quite well. It's simple enough for even
> casual Bittorrent users to understand and doesn't significantly bloat the base
> install size.
> Alex Vancina

Sure, it's simple but it always seems to eat about 4% of my CPU just
for one download. I think a C client would be better. I know BitComet
on windows can run a lot of downloads at once and use less than the
one download with gnome-bittorrent.

Travis Watkins

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