Serious problems with msi 915g combo and breezy live from yesterday

Alexandre Strube surak at
Thu Sep 1 15:56:58 CDT 2005

I would like to report some weird things going on a msi 915g combo
motherboard with an pci-x ATI video board:

By first, the machine boots, but cannot set console font and cannot
synchronize the clock. (the network card is correctly detected anyway -
probably my firewall).

Second, it falls out of usplash and goes to a shell. It stays there
forever (I let a machine on the whole night) , unless you press
CTRL-ALT-F7. Then it starts X and gnome.

lspci shows this video card as Ati unknown device 5b60 and 5b70
1002:5b60, 1002:5b70 - This is only one card which shows as two separate

(I don't have any idea about what card is this - but it seems an
pre-production radeon x300 - it's here for some time)

It cannot recognize my IDE hard drives. They are attached to the onboard
vt6410 software raid controller. A patch for the kernel which simply
adds via 6410 to the via82cxxx module is provided with this email. It's
been working with 2.6 kernels for months here and it is as stable as it
can be.

After booting, my ubuntuexpress-shellhack installed it succesfully, but
the usplash became weird. Several out-of-place bars, and then the screen
suddenly goes to text mode, where some blue random characters appear. It
then goes to a screen with 3 lines of crap, and stays there.

As the cd one, if I press CTRL-ALT-F7, gnome opens up and everything
goes fine.

Well, that's it. How can I help to fix these issues before breezy? This
machine is quite popular here in Brazil.

Alexandre Strube <surak at>
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