Deb Installer for Dapper.

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Sun Oct 23 16:34:01 CDT 2005

Evan Dandrea wrote:

> On 10/23/05, *Josué Alcalde González* <josuealcalde at 
> <mailto:josuealcalde at>> wrote:
>     Some personal ideas:
>     - When you click on a Debian Package, you will see the properties
>     of the
>     file.
>     - Then, you can install it. Password will be needed. An advise will
>     appear.
>     - You can avoid to open Debian Packages from the browser. (Like
>     .exe in
>     windows).
> My fear is that we'll still have problems even if the .debs download 
> to the desktop first, before getting clicked on and installed.  My 
> girlfriend uses Ubuntu on her computer.  She's a writer, she mainly 
> uses it for OpenOffice and Gaim, but on one occasion she went looking 
> for some wallpaper.  Not understanding file extensions she downloaded 
> SomeWallpaper.exe to her desktop and then tried running it.  WINE 
> couldn't handle the installer that was trying to put some spyware onto 
> her computer, but if it was a .deb instead of a .exe she'd be in trouble.

It is the case that Ubuntu is not a replacement for Windows, it is in 
fact an alternative. This should guide the thinking of what steps are 
needed. We are not looking for Windows. Users are not looking for 
Windows. If I am correct we are in fact trying to avoid the mistakes 
made by others in tightly a coupled development model.

For this reason treating users as if they had no brains is not good. 
Maybe something in the "Quick Introduction" part of the help menu 
Synaptic that defines why this is dangerous, and prints a warning. Then 
having someone type "I Accept." include the capital letters in this 
"deeply" hidden button as others have discribed it may say to them 
unless you know exactly what your doing ask for help, friends, mailing 
lists, irc, wherever.

However it is my opinion you will always get someone who will type "I 
Accept." and try to complain afterward.
If this behaviour is to be normal and without trying to get into a 
system config war as this is very contentious as it is, I would also 
like suggest a debfoster like program be enabled for all users.

Giving people an undo button may not be a bad idea. I realise it is a 
space requirement but it may be worth it heading toward the fix for bug #1.


Paul O'Malley

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