David Oftedal david at start.no
Fri Oct 21 13:23:23 CDT 2005

>Ok, i use SCIM every day on my ubuntu system, and it's wildly stable. 
>The Ubuntu-TW kids are all using packages from the good Taiwanese
>folks at Debian.  Here's the source:
>deb http://apt.debian.org.tw unstable main
>These packages *do* work.  We could probably just import them into
>breezy (or dapper or whatever), or at least figure out what they're
>doing right.  It would also be a good idea to import the fonts there,
>as they are much more readable than the fonts we have now.
Thanks, but after adding this repository to my sources.list, I still 
couldn't find scim-anthy. Chances are these packages don't support 
inputting Japanese, at least. We'd need some repository that includes 
all of SCIM, and preferably a recent version.

> I would also recommend scim for now, although I need to try out gcin
>(I know that many of the top folks in Ubuntu-TW are using gcin).  It
>seems that SCIM's major drawback is that it only works w/ gtk2, kde,
>etc.  Whereas I believe gcin (which is an updated version of xcin?) is
>able to input chinese characters anywhere.  I'll look into that. 
>Anyway, if there is any need to coordinate w/ the Ubuntu-TW people are
>Debian's people are whatever i'm usually hanging out in those irc
>channels so maybe i can help out?
>Cameron Matheson
Please do! It doesn't sound like gcin can input any languages besides 
Chinese, though. SCIM supports a wide variety of languages, and also 
works through XIM besides GTK2 and KDE. If it doesn't work in some other 
program, it's either becuase of a bug or because that program doesn't 
support XIM.


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