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Wed Oct 19 02:01:32 CDT 2005

Good morning,

i've an HP NX6125 with the following problem: the CPU fan doesn't work
regularly and sometime the laptop switchs off itself, because the CPU
reaches a critical temperature (see another of my post subject: CPU Fan
doesn't work).

Two weeks ago, i've noticed a particular behavior of my laptop. During a
work session wiht my laptop i run the following command: acpi -t and the CPU
fan began to work. When i noticed it, i thought it was a coincidence. After
an hour i tried again: acpi -t and the CPU fan began again to cool the CPU.

I decided to make an experiment. During a week i gave regurarly (every 5-10
minutes) acpi -t during the work session. The result was a regurarly
functioning of the CPU fan. After the work session (so i didn't use the pc
and didn't gave acpi -t) i didn't switch off my laptop. The result was: the
laptop swichted off itself everytime.

At the moment i overcame the problem using crontab. I scheduled every 5
minutes the command acpi -t. The CPU fan works very well. It stars around

Unfortunately i can't find the reason of this problem (CPU fan) and the
reason of this particular behavior of the acpi - t command (i thounght acpi
-t prints simply the temperature. I didn't think that it could have some
influence on the CPU fan).

What do you think about that?



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