proposal to revert the uglification of the clearlooks theme

Alexandre Strube surak at
Wed Nov 30 22:19:17 GMT 2005

Em Qua, 2005-11-30 às 21:43 +0100, Oliver Grawert escreveu:

Hi Ogra,

> while this might look nice in 32bit displays it looks very ugly on 16bit
> (i.e. the majority of laptops), the menu bar on a typical 16bit laptop
> display has now 3 stripes coloured from a light rose colour to a solid
> grey. the colour stair stepping is even more noticeable on the buttons
> which seem to have a 5 colour gradient. scroll bars with a two colour
> gradient somehow look like a "triangle from the top" 

16 bit are usually enough for displaying a user interface quite nicely.
Can't those bitmaps be saved with less colors, in a way they look nice
also in 16-bit displays?

Alexandre Strube <surak at>
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