proposal to revert the uglification of the clearlooks theme

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Wed Nov 30 22:58:08 GMT 2005

<quote who="Oliver Grawert">

> since i don't think we can ship it in this state and gradients on grey are
> very hard to handle in a way that they look good (non rose) on lower
> colour (16bit) displays i would like to propose that we revert the extreme
> "gardientification" of the theme to a state the one in breezy was.

There's no need to revert the changes here, there are just bugs that need to
be fixed. We're early enough in our release process *and* the GNOME release
process to do so. This is the first drop of the cairo-based engine, so we
can expect some problems in the transition. This is normal - we're shipping
the development releases, and you will see all the warts and borkages as
they pass through. In particular, the engine does not support a bunch of the
theme options, such as when to use the indented menu bar, which results in a
more 'gradienty' appearance than what you saw in breezy.

One thing needs to happen at this point: Report bugs to upstream, help them
understand the problems we are seeing. They probably haven't even seen it on
a 16 bit display because virtually nobody who has a modern development box
uses one. That's a great bug. Suggesting the most important theme options is
also a worthy bug.

Definitely not the right time to talk about reversions and so on!

- Jeff

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