proposal to revert the uglification of the clearlooks theme

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Wed Nov 30 23:01:40 GMT 2005

<quote who="Patrick McFarland">

> I agree, but for difference reasons. Human used to be a very nice looking
> Plastik clone, but now it looks like total shit. I don't know who thought
> it was great to change it, but /please/ change it back.

(Clearlooks was not a clone of any other theme, it was its own nicely styled
fork of Bluecurve.)

> If Dapper ships this way, I'm going to quit converting people to Linux
> using Ubuntu; I'll go find another distro that wants to look professional.

Dude. Chill out. Dapper is very much in development, as is the version of
GNOME shipping in it right now. Clearlooks is currently in transition from
being GDK-based to Cairo-based. You have to EXPECT interesting problems and
bugs during changes like this in any development series...

Today's healthy dose of reality: Long time until April, at least if you're
counting in Free Software years. :-)

- Jeff

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