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Tue Nov 29 02:23:19 GMT 2005

Sandis Neilands wrote:
> On 11/28/05, Kevin Cole wrote:
> > I think the expectation of most computer users is that trash grows
> > rancid after a while and probably should just "go away" eventually.

> No. You just described users who doesn't use the trash. For them it is
> possible to enable "bypass trash" in nautilus. But why ruin expectations
> of reliable trash for those, who actually use it?

Trash, for me is an "Are you *SURE* you want to delete?" prompt in
a different form.  But your point's well taken.  I concede. ;-)

> > I have nothing against offering some sort of tiered way of disposing
> > files, but "Trash", to me, has a pretty strong, specific meaning.  If
> > you want a holding area for pending files, call it something else...
> > I don't know "Limbo", "Twilight Zone", "Bermuda Triangle" "Cryolab"... 
> > Someplace that you expect things to come back from. ;-)

> If you don't expect things to come back from it, why do you use it?
> However the name is misleading. In windows it's called recycle bin, a
> much better name in my opinion.


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