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Tue Nov 29 00:13:43 GMT 2005

On 11/28/05, Kevin Cole <kjcole at> wrote:
> I think the expectation of most computer users is that trash grows
> rancid after a while and probably should just "go away" eventually.

No. You just described users who doesn't use the trash. For them it is
possible to enable "bypass trash" in nautilus. But why ruin expectations of
reliable trash for those, who actually use it?

> I have nothing against offering some sort of tiered way of disposing
> files,
> but "Trash", to me, has a pretty strong, specific meaning.  If you want a
> holding area for pending files, call it something else... I don't know
> "Limbo"
> "Twilight Zone", "Bermuda Triangle" "Cryolab"... Someplace that you expect
> things to come back from. ;-)

If you don't expect things to come back from it, why do you use it? However
the name is misleading. In windows it's called recycle bin, a much better
name in my opinion.

By the way, shouldn't trash be in places menu/nautilus's main toolbar too?
If it's removed from panel it is only accesable from nautilus > go > trash.
It would really improve usability of spatial mode for those, who removed
trash applet from panel.

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