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Mon Nov 28 21:05:43 GMT 2005

Corey Burger wrote:

> Automatically deleting things violates the concept that users data is
> sacred. There is no valid reason in my mind why this concept should be
> broken anywhere.

I dunno: If people don't understand that files (or whatever) marked tmp, or
trash -- in whatever language they know -- are temporary and trash, there's
no hope for communicating anything to them. Taken to the logical extreme,
should every edit of any file produce a versioned backup a la VAX/VMS
(file.txt;1  file.txt;2  ... file.txt;367) never automatically deleting prior
versions? Or should it only go back one revision (file.txt~, file.txt) as is
typical of many Linux editors? By your argument, the concept is ALREADY
broken.  I think the expectation of most computer users is that trash grows
rancid after a while and probably should just "go away" eventually.

I have nothing against offering some sort of tiered way of disposing files,
but "Trash", to me, has a pretty strong, specific meaning.  If you want a
holding area for pending files, call it something else... I don't know "Limbo"
"Twilight Zone", "Bermuda Triangle" "Cryolab"... Someplace that you expect
things to come back from. ;-)

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