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Mon Nov 28 09:31:28 CST 2005

* Matt Zimmerman 

| > Nov 24 06:21:54 <Mithrandir> livecd-performance: groundwork done,
| > I can now get useful data out of the system.  Need to decide on
| > further action to actually improve boot times.  Also, will get it
| > into the default live cd (togglable with a boot switch or similar)
| > and call for testing.
| Excellent; where can I see the output from your bootchart measurements?

Packages are just on my hard drive for now, but I'll get them into the
archive, hopefully tomorrow, possibly later today.

| > Nov 24 06:21:58 <Mithrandir> embedded-ubuntu: I discovered that I
| > got this spec last night, hence no status update on it.
| I've fixed this.


| > Nov 24 06:22:01 <Mithrandir> network-authentication: Lots of
| > interest around the spec, no work done on it so far.
| How much of this is reasonably achievable for Dapper in your estimation?

I think having the client part is achievable.  Having an «AD killer»
(as in server part) is not something we will be able to get done, at
least not without committing serious resources to it.  If I'm allowed
to work on only that, possibly.

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